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Wholesale Pocket Money Toys

We all know that children love saving up their pocket money and spending it on toys they’ve had their eyes on for weeks. Which is why here at Harrisons we stock a range of trending pocket money toys at wholesale prices. Browse our extensive range of wholesale pocket money toys online today!

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Wholesale Blind Bags / Collectables

Blind bag ranges and collectables have taken over the toy industry within the last few years, a lot of this is down to YouTube channels and popular ‘unboxing’ videos. Blind bags are teeny tiny little toys that come in a wide variety of brands, packaging, and sizes. They encourage your customers to purchase time and time again to collect all their favourite characters and figures.


Wholesale Slime & Putty

Another huge craze within the pocket money toy industry is slime and putty. Kids go mad for the squishy, stretchy, gooey toy they can mould. TikTok has been a huge influence on the popularity of slime with the #slimeshop alone receiving over 2 billion views on the popular platform. Jump on the craze to see your slime sales soar!

Wholesale Novelty Toys

Unicorns, Mermaids, squishes, grow & hatch, snap bands, push poppers and magic sand are all part of our wholesale novelty toys range. The cheaper  toys are great to stock for those children that like to spend their hard-earned pocket money on trending toys all their friends have!

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