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Wholesale Sanitary Products

Wholesale Sanitary products are a must stock item, and we have a great selection of tampons, sanitary towels, liners, and menstrual cups to suit your customers preferences.
From Always sanitary towels to Femfresh and Bodyform sanitary pads, we supply reliable, proven sanitary products to businesses nationwide.

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Wholesale Sanitary Towels

Sanitary towels are a must stock item for your retail business! We have a selection of well-known and best-selling brands such as Always sanitary towels and Bodyform sanitary pads alongside cheaper variants such as Interlude day and night pads.

Wholesale Tampons

We stock a range of wholesale tampons from fantastic, reliable brands such as Tampax, Interlude and Lil-Lets. The variety of regular tampons, super tampons, Compak Pearl’s, and Lil-Lets means we have a product for all needs.

Eco-Friendly Sanitary

As a whole, we have become more conscious about the products we purchase, and this extends to sanitary products. We have a range of eco-friendly sanitary products available including Menstrual Cups in varying sizes and sustainable day and night pads.

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