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Wholesale Pre-Pack Bags

We have a huge range of wholesale pre-pack bags of sweets, shop our selection online today! From leading confectionery brands including Haribo, Maoam and Swizzels we have a great range of wholesale bagged sweets.

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Wholesale Haribo Pontefract Cakes 160mg

Wholesale Treat Size Haribo

Treat size pre-pack bags of Haribo are so much fun and make the perfect after school or dinner treat for kids (and adults alike!). Each bag contains 16g of either best-selling Haribo Starmix, Haribo Tangfastics, Haribo Supermix or Haribo Giant Strawbs gone mini. Stock wholesale Haribo in your store – kids and grown ups love it so, the Happy world of Haribo!

Wholesale Share Size Sweets

Sharing a bag of sweets with family, friends and colleagues helps bring people together and is a tasty way to do it! We have a selection of Haribo, Swizzels, Monmore and more in our share size sweets range which are perfect for hanging by the tills or in your confectionery section of the store.


Wholesale Price Marked Packs

We find that customers gravitate towards packs of sweets that are already price marked as they know they will be paying the same retail price no matter where they are purchasing from. We have wholesale Swizzels and Haribo bags starting from as little as 50p for your customers to indulge in!

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