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Vegan confectionery is becoming increasingly popular with consumers looking for a tasty, guilt-free treat and here at Harrisons Direct we’ve got you covered! Our selection of wholesale confectionery includes tangy sweets to tempt anybody searching for that sweet treat.

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Vegan Sweets Wholesale

Your customers shouldn’t have to miss out on sweets just because they’re vegan. Here at Harrisons Direct, we have a huge range of wholesale vegan sweets that only use plant-based ingredients. Dive deep into our range to satisfy the sweet tooth of all your customers!

What Sweets are Vegan?

You might be surprised at just how many of the sweets you know and love are actually vegan. You’ll find everything from lollies to chewies in our wholesale vegan sweet collection, all available to bulk buy. So if you’re looking for a supplier of vegan wholesale sweets for your shop, look no further than Harrisons Direct!

Our most popular vegan sweets

Veganism is growing year on year and shows no sign of slowing down. So stocking a range of vegan sweets will allow you to be inclusive of everyone that walks into your shop. Why not check out our range of vegetarian sweets too?

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