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Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Halal sweet options are a must for those customers with specific dietary requirements. Surprisingly, many of the UK’s best-selling sweets fit into these categories so you can ensure you maximise your conscious candy sales.

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Vegan Sweets

Your customers shouldn’t have to miss out on sweets just because they’re vegan. Here at Harrisons Direct, we have a huge range of wholesale vegan sweets that only use plant-based ingredients. Dive deep into our vegan range to satisfy the sweet tooth of all your vegan customers!

Vegetarian Sweets

Vegetarian customers love sweets as much as the next person, and it has never been easier to cater for special diets. We stock an exciting selection of wholesale vegetarian sweets that your customers will love, from classic confectionary to vegetarian Haribo.

Halal Sweets

Halal sweets are not readily available at most wholesalers, but we do have a select few lines that are Halal approved here at Harrisons. Our favourites are:

Crazy Candy Factory Mini Gumball Machine

Sour Punch Mini Bites Assorted Flavours

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