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Harrisons Direct blog

Here you’ll find an assortment of useful information, from brand guides to product placement tips – your retail advice handbook!

Car De-Icer – Safe, Convenient, Essential

The misery of cold and dark winter mornings is often added to by leaving the house to find your car covered in an obscuring layer of ice, frost or snow. Creating extra work and adding extra unwanted time to your journey.

Super Sledges – The Fun Side of Winter

Sledging is one of the most exciting winter activities, enjoyed by children…

Harrison’s Have Christmas All Wrapped Up

We recently opened the ‘Christmas Products’ section of our website. Since that time, we have added lots of brand-new stock to the section which now represents a comprehensive range of festive articles to make any Christmas celebration fun, exciting and memorable.

Make a Date for 2013 – Calendars and Diaries

Christmas is just a few short weeks away and hot on its heels will follow the New Year. Diaries and calendars for 2013 are already selling in large numbers as retailers prepare to supply these essential products, which are very popular as gifts around the festive period.

A Taste of Luxury – Velvet Olive Greetings Cards

Harrisons Direct already stock a comprehensive range of products but we are always seeking to extend it with the latest products available, offering the widest possible choice to our customers. We are pleased to announce that we have recently taken delivery of a brand-new, sumptuous range of greetings cards.

The Happy World of Harrison’s Haribo

The Haribo brand of sweets is recognised throughout the world. Known for their large variety of treats and their slogan Kids and Grown-ups Love it so – The Happy World of Haribo, versions of which appear in a number of languages, Haribo sweets are synonymous with innovative, high-quality products.

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