Stock your shelves with pencil case essentials!

Stock your shelves with pencil case essentials!

Across the UK, there are almost nine million children preparing to start school or to return for another year. There are also millions of university students, along with all of their teachers and lecturers. Every single one of these individuals will need pens, pencils, erasers and other school stationery items, in order to get through the year successfully. You could be the go-to shop for all of their pencil case essentials.

Why stock back to school stationery?

Those in education are a captive audience. They'll need new stationery - it's almost guaranteed. Have you ever met a child that survives a full school year with their pencil case intact and fully stocked? Every year, parents (and their children) make their annual trip to the shops to buy pens, pencils, glue sticks highlighters and maths equipment. Every year they stock up on workbooks and notebooks for homework, and next summer they'll do it all over again. If families can find everything they need in your shop or store, then they'll fill those pencil cases high. Get this right, and they'll know that you're a reliable provider of Back to School essentials.

Why buy wholesale stationery from Harrisons?

You want your customers to find everything they need in one place. At Harrisons, we're exactly the same. We stock the full range of Back to School stationery, from compasses to school exercise books, to buy in bulk for your shop or online store. Teachers can come to you for their budget classroom essentials, while college and university students can buy higher quality pens for their note-taking and their exams. At trade prices, you can get everything that you need to fill your shelves and make a profit in time for September. Once the Back to School rush has finished, these will still be valuable items to keep in store for the rest of the year.

All of your favourite brands!

When you buy from our Back to School range, you'll find all of the top stationery brands including Berol, Pritt Stick and Pukka. Products available include genuine Sharpie pens, Sellotape and quality Stabilo highlighters.

You're running out of time to take advantage of Back to School trade. Now is the time to place your order, and get ready for the August rush.

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