It's time for a Retail Recoupling - #LoveIsland style!

It's time for a Retail Recoupling - #LoveIsland style!

Here at Harrisons Direct we're big fans of Love Island!  We’ve been tuning in at 9pm every night and getting the latest gossip on Tommy & Molly, Maura & Curtis and the rest of the Love Island crew. We know it's not everyone's cup of tea... but it is what it is! You may be surprised to find out that these couples and love triangles have even got us feeling inspired when it comes to retail product placement.

We know it might sound far fetched, but hear us out… it’s a simple but powerful concept: pairing or grouping complementary products together in your shop to encourage sales. Love Island has inspired us to do a recoupling of our own and come up with some fresh new product placement ideas that retailers can either emulate or use as inspiration - look out for some cheeky love triangles too. Right, let’s crack on…

William Morris Mingling

These limited edition wholesale travel mugs in classic William Morris designs are fantastic gifts, whatever the time of year and whatever the occasion... they certainly won't have your customer feeling mugged off. Why not pair them with wholesale William Morris mini pads, another fab token that together make a gorgeous couple (great for your customers to stock up on and keep in a drawer for the birthdays and occasions that creep up on us)!

Handbag Trios

A less obvious but very logical trinity, chewing gum, pocket tissues and earphones are handy wholesale handbag essentials. All pocket-sized wholesale basics, this love triangle is made up of products that are ideal to place next to the till – the kind of thing your customers always need and will happily add to their baskets when waiting to pay. The convenience of putting these near the checkout will keep your customers loyal... babe.

Party Bag Partnerships

At Harrisons Direct, we have an extensive range of pocket money toys that make ideal children’s party bag pressies. From wholesale dinosaur, unicorn and joke toys, plus yo-yos and more, we have something to make every mini party guest smile! Why not couple your pocket money toys with wholesale Haribo treat size mini-bags? The perfect sized goodie to add to any party bag.

Mrs Hinch Hookups

A few months ago we did a blog post about one of our favourite social influencers of the moment, Mrs Hinch! And her fab cleaning tips are still as popular as ever, so it’s a great idea to pair some of her “Holy Grail” products together in your store. Zoflora is a fantastic multi purpose antibacterial product that makes any home or office smell fresh and delicious. Coupling an assortment of wholesale Zoflora with the wholesale microfibre floor mop and handle is a very fetching partnership! Plus, you can mix up the relationship by adding some wholesale microfibre cleaning cloths to the display too.

So, what do you think of our couples/love triangles? Who would win in the public vote?! We hope we've given you some fresh product placement inspiration... Retail ideas can be found in the most unexpected of places - show us your new pairs and groups on Facebook or Twitter!

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