Inspire some love with wholesale Valentine's Day products

Inspire some love with wholesale Valentine's Day products

February is now in sight, which means that cupid is flexing his bow, practicing his aim, and getting ready to spread some romance this Valentine’s Day! And cupid won’t wait for anyone, so now’s the time to show your shelves some serious love with wholesale Valentine’s Day products your customers will adore! And at Harrisons Direct, we have a charming range of Valentine’s products for retailers that are enough to inspire amorous feelings in even the coolest of customers…

Cute cards and gift-wrap galore

Jumbo cards, handmade cards and sentimental cards - whatever style your customers are after, we have a wholesale Valentine’s card for them. Plus, they can add an extra special finishing touch to their gift with our gorgeous gift bags and pretty tissue paper – the perfect products to pair in store with Valentine’s Day gifts or place near the till.

Passionate presents

Whether your customers go all out on Valentine’s Day with indulgent pressies, or if they prefer to exchange smaller tokens, Harrison’s Direct have wholesale Valentine’s Day gifts to please all. From luxurious Baylis and Harding candle sets and reed diffusers; to cute hand care sets and romantic sweeties such as classic Love Hearts… we’ve got you covered.

Treats for the whole team

We’ve even catered for your customers who don’t have a romantic partner, or who simply enjoy spreading as much love as possible on Valentine’s Day and include their friends and family in the celebrations! Wholesale ‘For The Pun Of It’ necklaces can be gifted to any lovely person in you customers’ lives – with inclusive sentiments such as “You’re One In a Melon”, we predict that they’ll be very popular with your shoppers.

Feeling loved up? Share the love with your shelves and get stocked up in time for Cupid’s arrival!

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