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Founded in 1992 Griffin Technology has fast become a leading provider of high quality accessories for personal computing and digital media.

Well known all over the world Griffin enjoyed early success after releasing a number of USB based computer peripherals including the iMate, iMic and PowerMate. But it wasn’t until Griffin introduced the iTrip in 2013 that they became a household name. The FM transmitter that enables iPod users to conduct music from an iPod to an FM receiver was an instant success.

Nowadays Griffin design, develop and manufacture a large selection of digital accessories many of which we stock here at Harrisons Direct…

Griffin 4' USB - Lightning Connector CableGriffin Aux Cable Connect +

The wholesale Griffin Aux Cable Connect +  allows users to connect their iPhone, iPod or MP3 player straight to their car or home stereo system so they can enjoy their music with friends and family.

Easy to use the Griffin auxiliary audio cable simply connects to the audio device via the headphone or line-out port and goes directly into the designated AUX-in jack, which is easy to identify in most cars and home stereo systems. Designed with a coil cable this Griffin product takes up minimal storage space and ensures the wire doesn’t become tangled, which is extremely desirable.

USBGriffin Dual USB Charger 1 Amp

With the wholesale Griffin Dual USB Charger 1 Amp users can charge two devices at any one time thanks to the two separate USB ports.

Suitable for charging all devices which are powered using a USB cable the Griffin Dual USB Charger enables users to charge their devices using almost any vehicle’s 12 volt accessory outlet. Simply plug it in and away you go!

usb lightning connector cableGriffin 4' USB - Lightning Connector Cable

Specifically designed for use with the latest models of iPhone, iPad and iPods the Griffin 4' USB - Lightning Connector Cable helps charge, sync or transfer data from one device to another.

iPhone certified this cable plugs into any USB port on your Mac or PC and can be used with the Griffin's PowerBlock and PowerJolt chargers. The coiled cable resists kinks and tangles, helps protect wire cores and can stretch to 4' perfect for those who require a larger cable than usual.

Car chargerGriffin Car Charger

Perfect for those looking to keep their Apple devices charged whilst on the go the wholesale Griffin Car Charger has been cleverly designed with a unique, second outlet for use with other devices. Utilising the built in SmartFuseTM users won’t have to worry about replacing a fuse and the specially designed coil cable means the charger will be tangle free!

Wall ChargerGriffin Powerblock Wall Charger With Lightning Connector

Whether at home or in the office users can keep their devices charged with the wholesale Griffin Powerblock Wall Charger. Suitable for most Apple devices this charging device has been specifically designed to deliver faster, safer charging whilst saving energy.

The space saving design is easily portable and comes with both EU and UK adapters for those looking to head abroad.

As a leading supplier of wholesale Griffin products and with almost 100 years experience we take great pride in offering exceptional customer service along with a reliable and timely delivery service!

So if you require more information on our range of Griffin accessories or have a special request then feel free to get in touch with our customer care team today! Call us now on 01254 306840 for friendly, expert advice or get in touch via social media, we’re constantly active on Facebook and Twitter.

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