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Chupa Chups lollipops have been a confectionery staple since their invention in 1958. The company was founded by Spaniard, Enric Bernat, who believed lollipops were an easier and less sticky way to eat sweets, and they were a hit as soon as they were brought to the market. With their eye catching design (the Chupa Chups logo was designed by iconic surrealist, Salvador Dali!) and mouthwatering flavours, such as strawberry and cream, chocolate and vanilla and mint, the popularity of Chupa Chups treats has never waned, and they are a fantastic product to add to your store’s wholesale confectionery collection. Here at Harrisons, we have a tempting range of wholesale Chupa Chups goodies for you to create a delicious in-store collection with...

Classic lollipops

You can’t go wrong with timeless Chupa Chups flavours such as cola, fruit and milky varieties, and with wholesale “The Best of Lolly” products, you can be sure to delight your sweet-toothed customers. With an option of styles available, such as the Standing Wheel, simple CDU and Standing Tube, you can create an enticing display that is ideal to place by the till... Your customers won't be able to resist popping some lollys in their baskets!

Novelty lollipops

For those who like a bit of added fun, stock the wholesale Chupa Chups Melody pops and Tropical Fizz Sachets. The melody pop is a lollipop that you can literally use as a musical instrument, perfect as cheeky treat for little ones... and the tropical fizz lolly brings an extra fizzy flavour burst to the Chupa Chups experience!

Sugar free but just as tasty!

Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, and so it’s a smart idea to add wholesale sugar free, but equally as delicious Chupa Chups products to your sweet shelves. Here at Harrisons, we have both a box CDU and standing Slim CDU of sugar free classic lollipop flavours, full of classic flavours, so you can ensure there is a sweet treat suitable for all your customers.

Sweet gifts

Since their beginnings over 60 years ago, Chupa Chups have branched out into different delicious avenues... With these wholesale Chupa Chups Jar Candles, your customers can bring the divine aroma of classic Chupa Chups flavours, such as cherry and vanilla and strawberry into their homes... a great gift for any sweetie lover. Another eye-catching novelty gift by Chupa Chups are the wholesale Sweet Inspirations products, which put a confectionery twist on pizza and sushi – a tongue in cheek gift to make anyone food lover giggle!

When thinking of classic confectionery brands, Chupa Chups is definitely one which springs to mind for customers, and seeing as their products are now stocked in 164 countries around the world, they are an ideal wholesale confectionery product to stock, wherever you are! Have a browse of our Chupa Chups range for retailers here at Harrisons Direct, and stock your shelves with lovely lollipops and more!

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