Keep your customers rollin' this season with winter car care

Keep your customers rollin' this season with winter care

Owning a car is great… it provides you with unrivaled freedom and travel opportunities. However, it can become a pain in the winter months. Does dragging yourself away from a cosy bed to attempt to defrost the windscreen and windows sound familiar? Well, this annoying drain of time and energy could be greatly improved with the right products. Here at Harrisons Direct, we have a selection of handy wholesale car care products to keep your customers on the road to success this winter!

Frost? Get lost!

You can save your customers valuable time and help make hectic mornings a little easier by stocking up on Wholesale CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer. Available in 300ml and 600ml bottles, this super useful product banishes ice in mere seconds, making it a vital bulk buy for time savvy car owners. Another essential is an Ice Scraper – fab for those bitter mornings when ice is extra stubborn. With a handy squeegee and multiple grooves, your customers will be able to scrape away ice easily and efficiently. Stock your shelves with these wholesale car care must-haves… and then watch them fly off the shelves this season!

Anti-freeze? Yes please!

During the dark and gloomy winter months, it’s important to keep windscreens extra clean to allow for optimal visibility, and at Harrisons Direct, we stock the ideal product for getting a sparkling finish. Wholesale CarPlan All Seasons Screenwash removes dirt and grease with ease, and won’t leave any pesky streaks. Best of all, CarPlan All Seasons Screenwash has been specially formulated to prevent becoming frozen, so your customers won’t have to worry about dropping temperatures getting in the way of keeping their windscreen clean and their visibility top-notch this winter.

De-icing will become a daily task before we know it… but you can make it a pleasure for your customers by stocking up on practical and essential wholesale car care bulk buys –

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