Make your shelves green this World Environment Day!

On 5th June, United Nations will be hosting the 45th World Environment Day, with this year’s focus being on air pollution. Protecting our environment has never been more important, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how the products they purchase impact our world and their carbon footprint. One way to reduce our carbon footprint is to use less single use plastics, and here at Harrisons Direct, we have an excellent selection of wholesale eco-friendly, vegan and biodegradable plastic alternative products for retailers that are sure to be popular with your customers…

Healthcare essentials

Humble make bamboo toothbrushes for both adults and kids, in a variety of colours. The wholesale eco-friendly essentials have quality nylon bristles and a totally biodegradable handle made from sustainably grown bamboo. Ideal to pair next to these fab toothbrushes on your shelves are the wholesale Humble Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Buds.... Cotton buds are another product that we burn through without much thought – but using these plastic free cotton buds is much better for our environment - and even the packing is recyclable!

Biodegradable dinner sets

Children’s plates and cups tend to be made from plastic, but with the production of plastic being a huge cause of carbon emissions, it’s much smarter to use natural options, such as the wholesale Bambootique Eco Friendly Biodegradable Feeding Sets. These fun and practical sets come fully equipped with a bowl, plate, cup and cutlery, all made from sustainable bamboo and natural fibres, and all dishwasher safe! With a variety of designs available, from dinosaurs and narwhals to unicorns and mermaids, there’s a set for all of your customer's little ones. They're perfect for picnics too, which fingers crossed we’ll be having more of as the weather warms up!

Lovely lunchboxes

For adults and children alike, we also have a selection of bright and bold wholesale Cambridge Eco-Friendly Lunchboxes. Pick from fab designs such as birds and flowers, unicorns, pineapples and palm leafs, and create an enticing display which is sure to grab the attention of anyone who enjoys a packed lunch. And seeing as these bamboo boxes are also dishwasher safe, they can be used again and again by your customers, giving them product satisfaction!

Drinking devices

A simple way to reduce plastic use and be kinder to our environment is to say no to disposable coffee cups and hello to pretty reusable ones! We have a huge variety of wholesale Cambridge Eco-Friendly Travel Mugs – floral, dotty, even llamas... there’s a design for everyone. These mugs make brilliant products to place next to your biodegradable lunchboxes so your customers can kit themselves out in coordinating eco-friendly lunch gear in time for World Environment Day! And for those who enjoy a cold drink or perhaps even a summery cocktail, we also have Biodegradable Paper Straws, in both plain and striped designs – another super simple way to cut down on plastic use and another product sure to be hot this summer!

With the focus shifting more and more to leading more "green" lifestyles, now's a great time to stock up on wholesale eco-friendly products. Our fantastic range of colourful wholesale reusable household essentials will not only help to lower your customer's carbon footprints, but will also add a bit of fun into their day... and products such as reusable coffee cups could even save them a few pennies! Check out our great range now.

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