Become a one-stop-travel-toiletries-shop this summer!

Become a one-stop-travel-toiletries-shop this summer!

The year is flying by and the summer holiday season will be here before we know it. Along with a summer holiday comes a long shopping list of things to buy – summery new clothes to wear, feel-good books to read, and of course, travel toiletries to see you through your break. Travel size toiletries are an absolute holiday essential – they’re just so much handier than full size toiletries as they can be taken in hand luggage (perfect if your customers are travelling light), but are also ideal if they are checking in a suitcase, as they keep the weight down (plus, they’re cute!). At Harrisons Direct, we have a comprehensive range of wholesale travel size toiletries to take care of all your customer’s holiday body, skin and haircare needs... Keep on reading to find out how to make your store a one-stop-travel-toiletry -shop this summer!

Sun Care

High up on your customers' holiday shopping list will no doubt be sun care. We have a fab selection of wholesale travel size sun lotion from top brands, including Aloha, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic and Nivea, in formulas specially designed for both children and adults, and in a range of SPFs (to cater for every skin type). These mini sun care products also make great summer handbag staples, so they are sure to be a hit whether your customers are going away or not!

Shower Essentials

After choosing their sun care, your customer can move down the shelf and decide which travel size shower gel, shampoo and conditioner they want to take away with them. And with a brilliant wholesale range here at Harrisons, with products from Nivea, Lynx, Original Source, Aussie, Head and Shoulders, Herbal Essences and more... your customers will be spoilt for choice!

Dental Care & Deodorant

Two absolute essentials, here at Harrisons we have a great selection of wholesale travel size dental products and deodorants for your customer to add to their travel wash bags. Along with classics such as Colgate toothpaste and Listerine mouthwash, we also have a My Little Pony Dental Travel Kit to make the summer holiday even more fun for little ones. And when it comes to keeping fresh in the heat, you can have your customers covered by stocking a range of both spray and roll on wholesale travel deodorants from favourites such as Dove, Nivea and Sure.

Personal Must-Haves

Your customers can complete there perfect travel toiletry set with their choice of added extras, such as wholesale Andrex Classic Clean Washlets, antibacterial hand gel, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Simple Cleansing Face Wipes and Sudocrem Cream. Whatever your customers' holiday essentials are, you can cover all bases by stocking a varied selection of our wholesale travel sized products.

Browse our fantastic range of wholesale travel minis and stock a variety to make your shop the go-to place for sunseekers... Let your customers create their own personalised travel size toiletry collection this summer!

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