Wholesale beach essentials for a sensational staycation!

Wholesale beach essentials for a sensational staycation!

The UK is blessed with a great deal of coastline and gorgeous beaches to rival those of the Caribbean or Mediterranean, so it’s no wonder that many Britons choose to have a staycation rather than going abroad for their summer holiday. Therefore, it’s a great idea to cater to your customer’s needs and fill your shelves with the wholesale summer essentials needed to help make their staycation the most fun and memorable it can possibly be! From windbreakers and picnic blankets to outdoor games and toys, we have wholesale beach products to keep the entire family entertained...

Making a beach day base

The first thing on your customer’s minds when they get to the beach will be securing a top spot. Here at Harrisons, we have a selection of bright and functional wholesale windbreakers, picnic blankets and beach towels for your customers to use to create a comfy and colourful beach base. UK beaches can be rather windy too, so we predict windbreakers will fly off the shelves. Breezy weather can mask the true power of the sun however, so make sure you add beach parasols to your wholesale summer essentials too!

Summer fun and games!

After they’ve set up camp, your customer will be ready to get stuck into some good old-fashioned British beach fun! With a fun range of wholesale beach toys and games, such as kites and frisbees, boules, boom bats and catch balls sets – classic wholesale beach games that will keep your customers entertained all day long! And for those brave souls who like to take a refreshing dip, we also have body boards, snorkels and goggles!

Aqua adventures

After spending the peak of the day playing games and enjoying the waves, many beach goers like to engage in a spot of rock pooling or crabbing. UK beaches tend to be full of mysterious and fascinating rock pools, abundant with interesting creatures to find and study. Stock the wholesale summer essentials to equip your customers with exactly what they need to have a successful rock pooling session, such as handy wholesale aqua shoes, fishing nets and buckets. And for those who like to spend a leisurely hour catching rays on the pier or harbour whilst crabbing, make sure you don’t forget about the crab lines or crabbing buckets.

So there you have it - wholesale summer essentials to help your customer have their best ever British beach holiday! Don't forget to check out our full range of summer essentials for retailers to ensure you stock all the must-haves, including sun care and BBQ products.

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