Our Top 5 Retail Resources

Our Top 5 Retail Resources

Did you know that July is actually Independent Retailer Month? It’s an event that highlights the importance of independent retailers to our local economies, and encourages more footfall to our high streets - things we know are important to our customers. To celebrate the event, we thought we’d do a blog on our favourite retail resources which are fantastic for keeping up with the latest trends and tips in the world of retail...

The Retail Transformation Show

Oliver Banks is an independent retail consultant who has worked with giants such as Tesco and Samsung, and who shares retail insights on his fab podcast, The Retail Transformation Show. Great for listening to whilst in the car, cooking, or doing admin, podcasts are a brilliant way to learn and access new information when it's convenient for you. And seeing as Oliver discusses vital topics such as how to stay relevant and retail trends with guests such as Nisa’s Steve Leach and Forbes writer, Andrew Busby… this is definitely information that’s worth listening to!

Talking Retail

Taking a more traditional format, Talking Retail is an online magazine packed full of retail news, advice and stories, including specific product news. Follow their Twitter for bite size updates on what’s happening in the retail world every day!

Retail Inspired

Jo Wynn-Carter is an experienced retail expert who works with local authorities and has been hailed by high street queen, Mary Portas. Her excellent blog, Retail Inspired, covers fascinating and valuable retail topics such as social media, customer experience and pop-up shops... all with an emphasis on improving footfall and remaining relevant.

The Great British High Street

The Great British High Street is an organisation that supports and celebrates, well, you guessed it, British high streets! With a Twitter feed full of snippets from independent retailers and small businesses  over the UK, and their own awards which bolster those retailers/businesses, The Great British High Street is definitely worth checking out.

Retail Gazette

Founded in 2010, this magazine is another more traditional resource packed full of the latest retail news and insights, plus resources and tips for retailers. With many topics covered, from ecommerce to discount stores, there’s information to interest ever shop owner/retail maven.

Why not have a browse of out top five retail resources and see if you will find them useful yourself, we hope you do! And we would love to know which retail magazines, organisations and social account you follow, let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Happy Independent Retail Month!

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