Home cleaning products for your customers' New Year cleaning needs!

Home cleaning products for your customers' New Year cleaning needs!

There's something about taking down our Christmas decorations and the arrival of the new year that inspires people to give their home a good clean. When looking for the ideal cleaning products, customers tend to look for familiar brands that have been tried and tested. They also don't like wasting their hard earned money.

At Harrisons Direct, you'll find everything you need to satisfy your customers' cleaning product needs in one place. We have been delivering wholesale since 1919 and have earned the trust of over 20,000 businesses. Here's why you should trust us too:

We offer a wide range of wholesale cleaning products

With our large variety of cleaning products, you'll be able to complete all your wholesale purchases from one supplier. This saves you the time of looking for additional wholesalers to complete your cleaning product section's needs. Your customers will be able to find all the necessary items for the general cleaning of every room of their home upon the arrival of the new year. That means the bathroom, kitchen, floors, laundry and even the furniture.

We stock popular brands

Since customers are attracted to familiar product brands, you'll find that not only do we stock the most frequently bought brands, but also a variety of different types of a product of the same brand. Seeing familiar brands such as Comfort, Fairy, Dettol, Ariel and more on your shelves will make it easy for your customers to find what they need from your business. This keeps customers happy and so reduces the chance of them needing to search elsewhere for a specific brand they may not find in your shop. The larger the variety to choose from, the happier the customer.

Competitive prices

Our affordable prices keep our customers happy and returning. Besides having competitive prices, we also offer a 10% discount on our new customers' first order to welcome them, as well as a rewards card which earns them four points for every pound spent. This may also benefit your ability to offer more competitive prices to your customers.

We provide our customers with a speedy delivery

We hate to keep you waiting. We know that delays are a nightmare for any business so we strive for the speediest delivery possible. For orders placed before 12 noon, we will deliver your products to you the next day. We are efficient and value our customers time greatly.

In short, we understand your need to keep your customers happy by providing them with a wide variety of quality cleaning products at affordable prices and the importance of keeping your business running smoothly. Your customers will not be disappointed.

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