Inspire imagination with Teamsterz!

Inspire imagination with Teamsterz!

Despite living in a tech-obsessed world, traditional toys have not lost their value and popularity. They can provide physical playtime opportunities and role-play scenarios that just can’t be recreated or experienced through an app or video game. Plus, they’re reliable… they don’t require a Wi-Fi connection!

Here at Harrisons Direct, we have an extensive range of wholesale Teamsterz transportation toys, and with a large and varied selection available, there is a Teamsterz toy to suit every personality. Whether the little recipient is a future paramedic, motorsport star or road tripper, there’s a Teamsterz product perfect for them!

Teamsterz to the rescue!

With the Light & Sound Fire Engine, kids can create an exciting and realistic miniature rescue scene, complete with flashing lights and engine sounds. If the imaginary scene becomes a critical emergency, the Light & Sound Rescue Helicopter can be brought in to help. Civilians can be carried to safety with the winch and stretcher, and then flown away to receive further assistance – just like a real emergency situation. In addition to providing hours of fun, Teamsterz toys help children to learn about real life situations through safe, imaginative play.

Toys for all thrill seekers

Mini adrenaline lovers will be thrilled by our wholesale Teamsterz road-ready products, such as the Speed Bike, Street Racer and Mega Machines – highly collectable toys that are great for racing with friends. Kids have the freedom to step into the shoes of their motorsport idols, all in the comfort of their own homes (and with toys that don’t require a license or petrol!).

Something for every child

If speed isn’t their thing, there’s a brilliant selection of more quirky wholesale Teamsterz toys for children to enjoy, such as the adorable mini Ice Cream Van, Motorhome or Camper Van. These toys can inspire endless games and imaginary situations – they give kids a make-believe world at their fingertips.

Teamsterz goes above and beyond, offering a huge variety of transportation toys – there’s a Teamsterz toy to spark the imagination of every child. Recommended for children above three years old, they can be easily taken along on the everyday adventures of your littlest customers. Additionally, they are great to collect, meaning your customers will be back for more!

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