Provoke Some Playfulness with Big Mouth Floats & Gifts!

BigMouth Inc is a tongue in cheek and on-trend American designer of novelty gifts – all in bold, cheeky and highly Instagram-able designs. Their infamous pool floats are their most famous products, and are red hot on social media during the summer months. Although other companies have cottoned onto their irresistibly clever designs, no imitation compares to the quality and street cred of Big Mouth products, and stocking them on your seasonal shelves this summer is a surefire way to attract flocks of trendy fun-lovers to your store... Here at Harrisons Direct, we have a brilliant range of Big Mouth products for retailers:

Playful Giant Floats

Big Mouth’s most iconic products, their eye catching Giant Floats will ensure that your customers are the envy of the pool! Forget a boring plain rubber ring, with a wholesale Big Mouth float in a fun deign such as the classic donut, flamingo, llama, mermaid and even a pizza slice, your customers can inject as much entertainment into their holiday as possible. Although giant, the floats fold down into a compact and easy-to-transport size, so your customers will have no issues with taking them abroad... but if they have no summer plans away from home, the unique floats will provide plenty of fun even when just used in their garden on a warm day! Highly collectable - your customers will be back for more... and they even come in “lil” sizes, so your shoppers can match with their little ones.

Cute Beverage Boats

The adorable wholesale Big Mouth Beverage Boats are a novelty product that add an extra pop of fun into your customer’s summer, whilst also being a functional way to enjoy a refreshing drink in the pool. Available in coordinating designs such as donut, mermaid, unicorn, flamingo and rainbow, they will look great next to the floats on your shelves and will no doubt be heading straight into your customer’s baskets – how could they not want them? They’re cute and clever!

Bold Giant Beach Blankets

To complete the full Big Mouth summer experience for your customers, add the wholesale Giant Beach Blankets to your in-store collection. Your shoppers can pick from burger, donut, pineapple, sugar skull or watermelon designs, and as each is supersized, they are sure to be comfy at the pool, beach or garden… as well as being eye catching!

Cheeky Novelty Gifts

In addition to their summer sizzlers, Big Mouth also makes a range of hilarious wholesale novelty gifts, namely quirky mugs. Big Mouth are big fans of a cheeky pun, and with the "No More Drama Llama" and "Unicorn Farts" mugs (to name a few), you are sure to grab the attention of your customers. The mugs make great gifts for friends or colleagues and will add some personality to your customers' desks.

Big Mouth floats and novelty products are loud and proud, and will certainly draw lots of customers inside your store... Great quality and in highly photogenic designs, wholesale Big Mouth products will appeal to your social media loving customers, in addition to anyone who likes to have fun and be playful! Check out our fab range today.

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