Classic school stationery from Berol!

Classic school stationery from Berol!

We know the school summer holidays have only just started, but that means that the back-to-school rush is already looming on the horizon. Parents, teachers and students will soon be looking to stock up on fresh stationery for the new academic year - and here at Harrisons Direct we have a fantastic wholesale selection, including classic pens from the the iconic Berol brand:

Berol Handwriting Pens

Think back to primary school... It was carefree, and you got to write all of your maths and English work in pencils. Except for that exciting time maybe twice a week where you practised your handwriting in a special blue-nib pen. That was Berol! These wholesale handwriting pens sit comfily in your hand, are long-lasting, glide across the page and have ink that dries quickly. Your customers will love them: they're the basic pen that appeals to any age.

Berol Colourfine Pens

In packs of 12, this wholesale assortment of colourful pens are really so versatile. Your customers will find they're good for underlining key information in bits of homework, or grading students’ papers in green or red (depending on the student!). For classes like art, these bright and funky coloured pens are excellent for drawing all sorts of wonderful pictures, especially for younger children. Older students will also love the variety of pens for easily colour coding and revision needs. Essentially, they appeal to everyone.

Berol Black Tri Handwriting Pen Tub

This is the ultimate product for bulk-buy pens. The tub comes with 36 wholesale Berol pens, and unlike other Berol pens, these ones have a triangular shape to guide young children into the correct finger placement while they’re learning to write, making them perfect for primary school children.

Berol pens are trusted products that have stood the test of time. Your customers, especially students and teachers, are sure to love the comfy and long-lasting nature of Berol. Seriously, does anyone remember a time when they weren’t around? You wouldn’t - because they were founded in 1856! So have a browse of our wholesale Berol selection now.

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